Battle Dress D-Dog
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Battle Dress D-Dog



Do it! Get em DD!

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PVC Patch with velcro backing. Approximately 4.4 inches tall.

As a puppy, DD lost the use of his right eye and was presumably an orphan. The puppy was found alone by Venom Snake during a mission in 1984. DD was later taken by Fulton Recovery to Diamond Dogs’ Mother Base, his new home.

The puppy was present with Ocelot upon Snake’s return to Mother Base, licking the latter’s face as he picked him up. Ocelot explained that the puppy had been a troublemaker after it had arrived, and that he was unsure of its specific breed. Believing that the pup may be useful in the future, Ocelot intended to train him, comparing him to a diamond in the rough that required some polishing. Snake agreed, noting the irony of an ocelot raising hounds.

At some point, as Snake was about to leave on a mission, DD managed to obey a stay command from Ocelot, indicating that he had learned discipline, although DD then ran to Snake before Ocelot could command him to do so, and then Ocelot ordered him to jump up into the UTH-66 Blackfoot chopper. DD attempted to do so, but he ended up falling out because he couldn’t quite reach the floor, causing him to run off, with Ocelot vowing he’ll be ready soon, just not yet.

After DD had fully grown and been trained for a combat support role, Venom Snake had the dog accompany him on his missions, at the suggestion of Ocelot.

DD was present on Mother Base when Metal Gear Sahelanthropus was taken there by Diamond Dogs and at the Diamond Dogs ceremony celebrating the short lived global nuclear disarmament.


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