Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier

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Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier for Glock and M&P Pistols

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Product Description

Based on the new PHLster common design language, this updated carrier shares its DNA with the Gen2 Skeleton and the Flatpack TQ carrier. As a two-piece design secured with durable, elastic shock cord, this new carrier is more efficient in design and execution.

Eliminating the excessive hardware allowed us to reduce the overall profile of the carrier, improve the ergonomics and comfort, and increase the number of features. The shock cord wrap makes the carrier auto-tensioning and can be further tightened without the use of any tools. Eliminating the rivets allows us to make the carrier smaller and locate the mounting features on the centerline of the carrier, eliminating uncomfortable poke-points from the profile of the carrier.

This magazine carrier comes equipped with a single soft loop, which is adjustable to fit all popular belt widths and has two ride-height adjustments. Additional mounting holes allow the user to configure the carrier with a belt clip, tuckable strut, or carriage via a device like the Pocket Shield (not included).

The carrier is ambidextrous and can be carried with rounds facing forward or rearward in any position on the belt.

Designed around the full-size Glock 9mm/.40 magazines, the carrier will also fit most popular double-stack pistol magazines, like M&P, P320, XD, and HK. Double stack pistol mags with slimmer profiles like Hi-Power and P226 may not be ideal for this carrier.

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Mounting Options

Standard Strut and Loop, With Optional RCS Overhook Clip


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