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"Metal Gear is the ultimate weapon - an all-terrain, nuclear-equipped walking battle tank." ―Gray Fox

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In 1995, Outer Heaven forces kidnapped Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar, the foremost expert in the field of robotics to build a new Metal Gear. While Dr. Madnar understood the power and inherent evil of his creation, the kidnapping of his daughter forced him to complete it.

TX-55 Metal Gear was a revolutionary weapon because of its ability to launch a nuclear attack from any stable territory, without the need for a nuclear silo. Unlike its predecessor ZEKE, it possessed two nuclear warhead launchers, yet it had a much more compact size. Feared by the Western powers, its mere presence in Outer Heaven made the country virtually untouchable, except by a covert mission.

One high quality vinyl sticker of Tara-55.

Dimensions: 5.0″x 3.5″


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