The Loudener Mk2 Muzzle Brake


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All new Loudener Muzzle Brake for AR rifles.

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Product Description

 we only have two AR 1/2×28 in stock

The all new designed Loudener brake is back and beefier and louder than ever before! Machined from 416R Stainless Steel with a black Melonite coating, the new design is more rugged and includes  strengthened internal dimensions and an AK locking pin detent. Pick 1/2×28 for AR-15s and other 22 caliber rifles, pick 14x1lh for 30 caliber AK rifles.

Black Melonite finish. Do not use with a thread adapter, adapters are not made to our exact specifications and will void any warranty and possibly damage your firearm.

Turn it up to eleven! This concussion enhancing muzzle device will maximize the gaseous distribution of explosive secondary chemical propellent forces from your kinetic energy ranged engagement implement to efficiently leverage the demoralizing effect of audible and tangible acoustic transmission.

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