Enhanced AK Spring Kit

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Upgraded springs for all Kalashnikov type rifles

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ALL NEW upgraded US manufactured precision made spring set for AK47/AK74 rifles. Springs are heavy Chrome Silicon spring steel with manganese phosphate protective coating for service in the most extreme conditions. These are the same springs we use in all of our builds. Reduces recoil and improves performance.

Kalashnikov recoil springs come in many tensions that perform in the wide operational envelope required by the platform. Factories around the world can cheaply and easily produce springs from a variety of materials with little regard to specifications so long as they are within the operational envelope that  enables reliable function. In practice spring tension varies a great degree from factory to factory, or even decade to decade. Nearly any spring of minimum sufficient tension will work. This is one of the great advantages of the Kalashnikov design.
Our springs are made with high quality materials and using modern manufacturing methods to provide a superior spring that is consistently in the high end of the operational envelope without impacting reliability. This does several things:

  1. Absorbing more energy during the recoil cycle.
  2. Lengthening the recoil cycle so the energy transferred to your firearm and shoulder takes place over a longer period of time, thus easier to control.
  3. Stronger force on the bolt during return, providing a more reliable chambering action.
  4. Reduced lock times, thus reducing the margin for human errors in accuracy when pulling the trigger.
  5. Single wound spring, easier to install than the less expensive to produce braided wire.

Kit Includes:
1 Recoil Spring
1 Main Spring (hammer)
1 Disconnector Spring (oversized, trim to fit)

These springs can be used on 12ga and 54r variants, however the recoil spring does not fit the two stage recoil spring in these models.


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