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20 premium color softcover books

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These are POD (print on demand) books and due to covid related delays it may take up to 30 days for you to receive your books. Of course we try to keep a stack on hand so nobody has to wait so it might be a really quick. This bundle also comes with ten free Savage Company stickers please buy it.

Wholesale dealer package of 20 Savage Company books for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

10 copies of the 250 page Savage Company Campaign Setting, and 10 copies of the 100 page Savage Company Operations Guide! We are basically giving these away at cost because we want to see you carry our book in your store!

Also yes, we know the FM is in the photo but this does not include copies of the FM book, if you want a stack of those or some other bundle or quantity please contact us via email at savage(at) and we can put together whatever you want!

The Savage Company Campaign Setting includes:

Orcs! Guns! Vehicles! Time to join the big green war machine and march into hundreds of pages of new military style content! Place the vibrant boomtown of Tombstone in your current world and open up all kinds of paramilitary adventures and mercenary options that are compatible with your existing games.

Step into the world of Savage Company and experience fast-paced vehicle action while gunning down your enemies.

The Savage Company Campaign Setting includes:

  • New combat rulesets

  • Eight new and reimagined races

  • Nineteen new classes and archetypes

  • Over sixty new weapons

  • New spells, feats, and skills

  • New vehicle rules

  • Rolling road combat

  • Modular vehicles with hundreds of combinations

  • Airships

  • Ten iconic characters and fourteen short stories

  • Gear, equipment, and alchemical items

  • Violence, explosions, and much more!

    The Savage Company Operations Guide includes 6 fully loaded adventures for parties of 1st, 6th, and 12th level, this book also contains a primer on writing your own Savage Company adventures, and a fully stocked bestiary including 36 original monsters and NPCs.

    Jump into the action with these exciting modules including guns, vehicles, and mercenary monsters!Savage Company trench battle scene


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