Tromix Bolt On Charging Knob

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Tromix Bolt On Charging Handle

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Product Description

Tromix Bolt On Charging Handle

Bolts onto factory charging handle
Made in United States
Color: Black moly resin coated
Installation Instructions
1. Run the set screw completely through the handle, until it drops out into the center bore. That will ensure that screw is not stopping on any foreign debris left over from sand blasting.
2. Clean and degrease both the threads in the handle and the set screw with contact cleaner and allow to dry completely.
3. Apply red #262 Loctite to BOTH the set screw and the threads in the charging handle.
4. With the bolt carrier installed in the receiver, slide the Tromix handle over the OEM handle and start the set screw. Slowly turn the set screw inward as you wiggle the handle in order to allow the set screw to find the “sweet spot” in the saddle of the OEM handle.
5. Using a large 4.5″ long allen wrench, hoss that screw down until you think it’s about to break. It won’t.


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